The Star of Cottonland
綿の国星 Wata no Kuni-Hoshi
Old News

29 July 2005 - The Star of Cottonland, RC1

This file was muxed today:
The Star of Cottonland [h-b] 6 languages [6829AAC4]__RC1.mkv
A 96-minute theatrical anime from 1984 (yes, very old), multisubbed in English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Slovak, and in Russian. (Probably German is going to be added too.)

Click to enlarge. (NOTE: This is not the final. Just test encoded.)

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13 April 2005 - Spanish Wata-Kuni Fanpage (Updated #2)

The Star of Cottonland (SoC), or Wata no Kuni-Hoshi (Wata-Kuni) is our current multisub project.

Current Status: eng 100%, spa 100%, rus 60%, fre 50%, fin 35%, dut 15%, ger ?, nor ? (If you would like to add your language, please feel free to talk to an Op in the chan.)

We've added a small fanpage in Spanish.

24 March 2005 - The Star of Cottonland (Updated #4)

We are multisubbing The Star of Cottonland (綿の国星 Wata no Kuni-Hoshi), charming anime about a kitten who thinks she is a little girl. Read more about it.

There are going to be at least English, Russian, and Spanish subs, and probably Finnish, French, German, and Italian subs, and possibly Dutch, Slovak, and Norwegian subs too. (If you are interested in adding your language, please talk to an OP in the channel.)

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